Monday, 7 November 2016

Structural Steel Detailing Is Revolutionizing the Building Construction Industry

Structural steel detailing is too important an aspect, and has brought about a revolution in CAD designs. Fabricators, architects and engineers can leverage these benefits to generate flawless design outputs. Architecture and engineering have changed over a period of time thereby making structural detailing services crucial for every constriction project. 

For building such sturdy structures, it is advisable to make most of structural fabrication drawings. Small or large, almost all architectural and structural design firms are outsourcing steel detailing service for cost–efficiency and project enhancement. One such case is of a 100 years old American company. With diverse businesses ranging from oil & gas, to mining, to construction, infrastructure, transportation, and water management, the stakeholders approached TrueCADD for professional expertise of steel detailing services. 

It all started with the client providing partial drawings of tray and pipe supports, required to be modeled into the main Tekla model at the exact coordinates which determined the position of every single pipe or tray on the main platform. Looking at the pace and efficiency, modeling of stair towers, access platforms, chain guide, and sub-sea distribution was included as additional job work. The project lasting for nearly an year, with absolutely no place for errors, and adherence to strict timelines, the team of architects and engineers also did justice to a large number of revision drawings received from the client for incorporating the changes accurately in the model.
To attain expected results the team was required to comprehend client’s structural steel modeling standards. Based on that clarification, the work was further distributed for pipe and tray layouts, stair towers, access platforms, and other sections of the main model, for implementing client’s steel detailing standards.

To ensure that the fabrication schedule does not suffer any delays, a common happening in such projects which costs the clients millions in terms of wastage of material and resources; Tekla was used for accurate modeling of the pipe and tray supports. Along with this, the stair towers, access platforms, chain guides and sub-sea distribution unit were as well modeled. 

Gone are the days when architects and engineers worked and relied on traditional methods of working on various building construction project phases. Then, the blueprints were the authority, and means of making all important decisions. With the dawn of new technology, fabricators and engineers can now work more efficiently with CAD programs that enhance detailing and modeling aspects. Architects and engineers can now create large scale 2D and 3D renditions of the model that are yet to be build. 

For construction of industrial plants, buildings, bridges and other non-building structures like large scale sculptors and models steel detailing is used by steel erectors and steel fabricators. Professional steel detailers or steel structure design service providers are in demand due to their ability to come up with highly accurate structural connection designs. 

Structural shop drawings and erection drawings prepared by them hand hold architects, structural engineers, steel fabricators and general building contractors while working on preparing actual buildings with higher accuracy. Apart from its extensive use in various commercial, municipal and industrial projects, steel detailing plays a crucial role in residential projects as well.

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