Monday, 10 March 2014

What Makes India an Outsourcing Hub for Engineering Services?

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Do you know India is fast emerging as the crucial outsourcing hub related to engineering services with CAGR more than 30%?

Aerospace, Telecom, and Automotive industries provide major verticals as this spend maximum on engineering service outsourcing.

So, what makes this country favorite destination for a field that requires high precision accuracy and major capabilities? There are myriad reasons behind it and knowing them will give you a better understanding.

Decreased Labor Costs

Undeniably, this major factor makes outsourcing of engineering services to India highly feasible. Companies looking to go for excessive cost cutting, without compromising with the ultimate results cannot find a better destination than this country. Here the vast qualified population offers a hotbed for desired results without making the overall process expensive.

What started out, as an option for dealing with economic downturn on a global scale has today become a norm because of the inherent benefits associated with the process.

In India, qualified labor is cheap, this makes it a treasure trove for outsourcing, and no wonder companies worldwide are jumping at the chance to explore this unending potential.

Amazingly Advanced Capabilities
Engineering Services Outsourcing

There is no doubt regarding the fact that, engineers in India come highly qualified and they are capable of providing results at par with world standards.

The competitive advantage in this country is naturally available with different companies having advanced capabilities or skill sets for ensuring the best results.

World over growth related to the engineering sector is forcing companies to look beyond their home ground and expand their capabilities through outsourcing. In such a scenario, they are looking for destinations where chances of getting compatible technologies and relevant qualifications are the highest. Naturally, India fits the bill completely and this makes it a favorite destination when it comes to outsourcing various engineering services.

Engineering as a Separate Sector

What started out as outsourcing, mainly related to IT companies has today expanded to cover different fields related to the engineering sector. This has been a gradual yet steady process as more and more companies came to realize the inherent potential available in the country. While, earlier one was used to view the engineering services aggregated under IT or IT BPO, things have changed quite significantly in the recent years.

In India, the competency levels related to various fields of engineering are appropriate in keeping with the global requirements. So today, one views engineering as a completely separate sector different from the regular information technology requirements.

Competence in English Language

This is another important factor making India an outsourcing hub for engineering services. English is taught commonly in schools across the country so the students here are able to communicate, read, and write the language effortlessly.

When the students ultimately go on to become qualified engineers, they are able to provide services in a language recognized the world over. Naturally, countries like Australia, UK, and USA prefer India when it comes to outsourcing their engineering services.

As one can see, outsourcing engineering services to India seems like a good business decision in all regards. Studies show that it can help companies save up to 85% in costs and resources.

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