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Everything you need to know about LEED Energy Modeling

What is LEED Energy Modeling?
Energy Modeling using eQuest

When you hear someone say ‘LEED energy-modeling’ you can be always sure that they are talking about the LEED Energy and the Atmosphere credit 1 and the Energy and the Atmosphere prerequisite.

How can it be beneficial for a LEED AP to know and learn about Energy Modeling?

Nowadays, you will meet hundreds of LEED APs in the industry, but very few actually know the details and have any idea about how to create a great model for energy modeling. This includes using software packages such as eQuest and TRACE 700.

Also, the smaller percentage of APs who know about these software’s are very much proficient in it and know how to do their work. However, it is rather easy to get trained and learn about LEED training than simulation training.

Is energy modeling for the LEED a cost effective method?

You may find it surprising, but the matter of the cost of energy modeling is very much disputed and is expensive. In fact, it is so very expensive that a very small percentage of people actually get to create a valid model of energy-model within a given period of time.

You will find it interesting to note that the rate of one square foot is about twenty cents, and it is common for the high-end modeling. The LEED energy model is considered as a highly inflated process and is consulted at a very interior level when it comes to engineering the construction and going for the energy modeling.

That is why, you should always consider working with any energy modeling company directly, as you can get a complete idea and structure of your energy model for the construction.

What are the energy modeling services?

  • Internal and external CFD simulations and studies
  • Daylight simulations and views analysis
  • Review of passive design techniques and their feasibility for buildings
  • Whole building energy simulations
  • Wall and roof assembly optimization
  • Analysis of various HVAC and lighting systems
  • Analysis and simulation to ascertain micro-climate and heat island effects
  • Wind tunnel effect studies and wind movement analysis
  • eQuest Modeling, Analysis, Simulation
  • Fenestration analysis
All the energy modeling services are used to get a perfect artificial model of the energy aspect of the construction which can be analyzed by you before going for the construction of the building.

You can check the mechanical/electronic/electrical/hydraulic/plumbing and lighting aspects of your construction. You can go for near perfect simulation of the energy model by using these services.

Since you get a brief idea about the services, you can now easily go for changing the concept and prototype of the model if need be. These services help you achieve an error free model of energy where you can be certain about the consumption and consuming of energy.

You can go for checking the movement and behavior of wind across he building as well.

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